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Generate showback statements for upcoming fiscal period

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Generate showback statements for upcoming fiscal period

As a service charging analyst, review the status log of all showback statements for the last fiscal period for which the statements were generated and the date on which the showback statements were published. You can also create a record or log of last generated and published details of a showback statement, and generate the statement for the next fiscal period.

Before you begin

Role required: service_charging_analyst


  1. Navigate to Financial Charging > Showback > Generate Showback.
  2. Click New to create a showback run log or click the Status of an existing showback log record that you want to edit.
  3. Fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Showback Run Log form
    Field Description
    Fiscal period Select the statement expense line from the options list.
    Status Status of the showback statement.
    Showback Definition of the showback statement.
    Last generated Date on which the statement was last generated.
    Published Check box indicates whether the statement has been published or not.
    Published date Date on which the statement was last published.
  4. Click Submit if you have created a log or Update if you have edited an existing log.
  5. Click Delete to delete the record.
  6. Click Generate Statement to generate showback statement for a fiscal period.
    1. Select the showback statement in the Showback Statement Definition field of the Generate Showback Statement pop-up that opens up.
    2. Select the fiscal period in the Fiscal Period field.
    3. Click Generate.

      Refresh the Showback Run Logs list to see the status of the showback change to Generated.


      The Published column indicates whether the showback statements have been published or not by the status true or false. If it is false, then it means that the showback is not yet published and available for the showback user to see.

      Review the generated showback statement and publish the statement for the showback user to see the report, by navigating to Showback Statement Definition.

What to do next

After you publish the showback statement, the showback user can see the showback statement in My Showback Statements.