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Create service catalog breakdowns

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Create service catalog breakdowns

Create service catalog breakdowns by fragmenting the service catalog category of the business service to its catalog item components into a more detailed level.

Before you begin

Role required: service_charging_analyst

About this task

For example, the IT Services Consumables statement item can provide the breakdown details of its component consumables such as Tablets and Laptops. Each of these items can be further broken down to more details. Tablets can be Google nexus, iPads, and so on with the associated price used for each unit of the item.


  1. Click New in the Service Catalog Breakdowns related list to create breakdown records for the service catalog statement item that you have created.
  2. Fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Service Catalog Breakdown form
    Field Description
    Name Descriptive name of the service catalog breakdown.
    Statement item Defaults to the type of the statement item.
    Category Catalog items under the selected category are used for reporting the consumption details.
    Catalog item Item under the selected Catalog and Category for which the consumption is reported.
  3. Click Submit.