Create a financial data source for actuals

Database columns referring to raw expense details must be identified to create a new data source in Financial Management.

Before you begin

Role required: itfm_plan_analyst, admin, cost_transparency_admin

About this task

Data sources are available for both financial modeling and financial planning applications.


  1. Navigate to Data Sources > Setup from Financial Planning or Financial Modeling.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the form fields.
    Field descriptions to create a new data source record in Financial Management.
    Table 1. Financial Data Source form
    Field Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name for the new data source record.
    GL Account Select the database column that refers to general ledger account expenses.
    Amount Select the database column that refers to actual expense amount.
    Table Select a database table with actual raw expense data.

    The Table field shows the source from where the financial data is retrieved. The source of the financial modeling application is no longer confined only to the General Ledger Staged table, but can point to any table with financial transaction information. Any table in the platform can be used as long as the mandatory column requirements of representing amount, account number and date are met.

    Currency Select the database column that refers to currency values for the expenses.
    Posting date Select the database column that refers to the date when the expense was incurred.
    Condition Apply conditions to filter records.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

Create field maps for the data source.