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Create cost model breakdowns

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Create cost model breakdowns

Create breakdowns for the cost model statement item providing more clarity by reporting the components that constitute the cost model statement item and the cost associated with each of these components.

Before you begin

Role required: service_charging_analyst

About this task

For example, Electronic Messaging statement item can provide the breakdown details of its component services such as Data Network and Storage. Each of these items provides the associated cost calculated by the set unit cost of each item.


  1. Click New in the Cost Model Breakdowns related list to create breakdown records for the cost model statement item that you created.
  2. Fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Cost Model Breakdown form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the cost model breakdown.
    Statement item The header under which the consumption details of the business service appear.
    Table Name of the transactional table the segment refers to.
    Unit cost metric The allocation metric that is used to calculate the unit cost.
    Segment accounts filter Filters data in the segment accounts that fulfill the condition.
    Buckets Filter Set filter conditions to filter buckets that allocate expenses to the segment accounts.
    Sub Segment Adds segments as sub segments to allocate expenses to records in the sub segment.
    Sub Accounts Filter Filters data in accounts that fulfill the condition.
  3. Click Submit.