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Financial analyst showback dashboard

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Financial analyst showback dashboard

Financial Analyst Showback dashboard is a central interface for the financial analyst to view all the showback statements that are generated. It helps to analyze the cost of delivering services to the business and the recovery or showback of that cost.

You can also navigate to Financial Charging > Showback > Dashboard.

The data are retrieved from ITFM_Charge_Expense_Line_Details table.

  • Last Period Total Cost: Shows the total cost of delivering services in the last period.
  • Last Period Total Charges: The total amount charged for all business services, based on the adjusted prices.
  • Last Period Charge vs. Cost Variance: Shows the difference between the total charges and total costs for the last period.
  • YTD Charge vs. Cost Variance: Displays the difference between the total charges and total costs year to date.
  • Charge vs. Cost: Shows charges as bar charts versus the cost trend for the completed fiscal periods.
  • Last Period Total Cost Breakdown: Lists the total cost breakdown details of the statement item or business units for the last period.