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The Segment Definition tab

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The Segment Definition tab

The Segment Definition tab lets you add segments to the chart of accounts and manage existing segments.

A list of segment definitions appears on this tab. You can perform several actions from here:
  • Create a segment definition.
  • View and modify existing segments.
  • Delete segments.

Populating segment definition tables

If you create a table that is used as a segment, or if you activate another application with tables that are used as segments, populate the corresponding segment table if you want to allocate expenses to records in the segment. You can also manually repopulate a segment table to take a snapshot of the data from the original table. You can do this on the Segment Definition tab of the workbench (starting with the Helsinki release).

If you do not populate dimension tables manually, the Populate IT Data Mart dimension tables scheduled job automatically takes a snapshot of the primary field and additional fields data from the dimension definition, and then populates dimension tables every 24 hours.