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The Data Definition stage

The Data Definition stage

The Data Definition stage provides you with settings to set up the application, before you start to allocate expenses.

These sections are presented:
  • Working Set: Select the fiscal period that you want to work with. Fiscal periods are automatically created based on the financial data that you import. As you progress through the workbench, only the expenses that were incurred during the fiscal period that you select here are available to you. You can also select the cost model you want to work with and create one.

    Use the download (Download cost model icon) cost model icon to download the cost model for the purpose of uploading it to, or deploying it in another instance to do cost modeling in a different pre-production environment. You can later move the cost model to other production environments.

  • IT Chart of Accounts: View the segments in the IT chart of accounts and their positions in the hierarchy for the cost model you are dealing with. You can edit the chart of accounts in the Chart of Accounts stage.
  • Expense Summary: See whether or not there are records in the staged and groomed general ledger tables, and if there are allocation lines.
Figure 1. The data definition on the workbench
The Data Definition stage