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Rollups for allocations

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Rollups for allocations

A rollup is an allocation rule that specifies how a lower-level account in the segment hierarchy connects to other accounts above it in the hierarchy. This allows you to allocate expenses to the lower-level account and have expenses automatically allocated to the higher-level accounts.

Rollups can be account-specific or segment-specific. Account-specific rollups specify how expenses roll up from one specific account to one or more accounts above it. Segment-specific rollups specify how expenses in all the accounts for a segment roll up to all the accounts in the segment above it, that is the parent level. Additionally, you can also roll up segments to any segment above in the hierarchy, that is the grandparent level.

Rollups specified for an individual account take precedence over the rollup specified for the segment. For example, if you create these two rollups:
  • An account-specific rollup that allocates expenses in the email account in the business service segment to the IT account in the business unit segment
  • A segment-specific rollup that allocates expenses in the business service segment to the business unit segment

Then the account-specific rollup allocates the expenses. The segment-specific rollup does not allocate any expenses.

Account-specific level rollup supports rolling to any parent or grandparent account in the hierarchy. You can roll up the expenses to any account up in the hierarchy, and not necessarily to the immediate parent in the hierarchy.

Not only limiting to up in the hierarchy, you can also roll up amounts to accounts in the sibling segments.

Configure the rollup at the account level to any parent segment in the hierarchy, by selecting the Parent Segment in the Rollups popup.