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Allocation metrics

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Allocation metrics

Allocation metrics contain additional instructions that the application uses to allocate expenses based on a weighted calculation or on a script. Allocation methods use metrics to perform the allocation.

These types of metrics are available:

  • Weighted metrics are calculations based on an aggregate value from a segment. Use weighted metrics to influence how much of an expense is allocated to a segment based on other records in the instance, such as the number of servers used by a segment or the value of depreciation on an asset. Users with the Finance Administrator role can create weighted metrics.
  • Scripted weighted metrics are weighted metrics in script form.
  • Scripted methods are calculations based on customizable scripts that use the allocation method API. These metrics were called scripted metrics in the Fuji release.
  • System metrics are metrics that the application creates automatically when you use the workbench. These metrics are read-only and accessible by users with the Finance Administrator role. See the Using the Workbench topics for more information.
Note: When you use the workbench to assign expenses to accounts and segments, it creates all the rules, methods, conditions, and so on automatically. Using the workbench is the preferred method of setting up allocations, rather than using lists and forms.

Starting with the Geneva release, fiscal periods are supported in metrics.