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Define an enterprise release

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Define an enterprise release

Define important aspects of an enterprise release, such as duration, short description, priority and if the phase is a milestone. Milestones require an approval for future phases to be able to move into the Work in Progress state.

Before you begin

Role required: Enterprise Release Manager [sn_erm.enterprise_release_manager]


  1. Navigate to Enterprise Release Management > Enterprise Releases > All Enterprise Releases.
  2. Click New.
  3. On the Enterprise Release form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Enterprise Release form fields
    Field Description
    Number System-generated number with a configurable prefix.
    Priority Priority associated with the release.
    State Current state of the release.
    • Draft: Entry stage where the release record is created, but may not have complete details of the scope.
    • Scoping: Release scope is defined by breaking down the release activities into phases and by setting milestones.
    • Work in Progress: Work on the release has begun.
    • Testing/QA: Projects and tasks within the release are validated and checked if they have met the release acceptance criteria.
    • Deploy/Launch: Release build is deployed.
    • Closed Complete: Release build is delivered.
    • On Hold: Release is put on hold for some reason. May be resumed in the future.
    • Canceled: Release is canceled for some reason.
    Percent complete Percentage of work completed in the release. This calculation sums up the percentage complete values of all phases in this release.
    Short description Brief description of the release.
    Description More verbose description of the release.
    Work notes Information about milestones, impediments, or changes as the release progresses.
    Schedule tab
    Planned start date Intended date the release begins.
    Planned end date Intended date the release ends. After you add tasks, this field is calculated from the tasks.
    Planned duration Expected duration of the release. After you add tasks, this field is calculated from the duration of the tasks.
    Planned effort Estimate of how much time it takes to complete this release. This calculation sums up planned effort values of all tasks in this release.
    Remaining duration Difference between planned duration and actual duration.
    Actual start date Date that this release began.
    Actual end date Date that this release ended.
    Actual duration Actual duration of the release from start to closure.
    Actual effort Actual number of hours charged to the resources on this release.
    Remaining effort Difference between planned effort and actual effort.
  4. Click Submit.