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Identify application strategies with bubble charts

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Identify application strategies with bubble charts

Bubble charts are interactive graphs that help you identify strategies by plotting application indicator scores. You can evaluate applications for a category and decide whether to invest, sustain, or to replace an application by configuring multiple combinations of indicators in the bubble chart.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst

About this task

Use the bubble chart to plot the indicator scores of the applications in X and Y axes. You can then use these scores to strategize goals and create an idea to invest in, replace, or sustain the application.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio Management > Application Portfolio Analysis > Analyze.
  2. Select a Application Category in the Group Analysis page.
    The bubble chart page has the following sections:
    Assessment Period
    The fiscal period for which the analysis of applications is done.
    Filter Apps
    Helps filter the application categories based on the criteria set on the application indicator scores.
    Bubble chart
    Based on the filter criteria, the interactive bubble chart dynamically plots the metrics of the application indicator scores that fall within the filtered values.
    Application Analysis
    Helps compare applications with the selected indicators. Also helps in viewing the business application record details in the Business Application form by clicking the name of an application in the list. By clicking the Application 360 tab in the Business Application form, it provides a dashboard view of the application details.
  3. To change the configurations of the bubble chart, click the configuration icon (The configuration icon) icon and then fill in the fields on the Select Chart Dimensions form.
    Table 1. Select Chart Dimensions form
    Field Dimension
    X and Y Dimension of the indicators that fall in the X and Y axes.

    Along with the pre-configured dimensions, you can also view the bubble chart that you create using the Application bubble chart form.

    Bubble Size Indicator scores determine the size of the bubble.
    Display bubble labels

    Enable to display the bubble labels in the Bubble chart.

    Helps to have a clear display of bubbles, uncluttered by their labels when there are many bubbles in a quadrant.

    Figure 1. Bubble chart
    The bubble chart page

What to do next

Right-click a bubble and create an idea to achieve a goal.