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Schedule a data certification task

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Schedule a data certification task

Keep your business applications inventory up-to-date by certifying the data in the business applications table periodically. Keeping your business application data current helps you to assess your business applications precisely as there are indicators that are dependent on these business applications.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_admin

About this task

As a system administrator with the APM admin role you can create and assign the data certification tasks to the system owners for them to certify the business applications data. You also require certification_filter_admin role to set filter to those fields that require certification.

Inventory of business applications is created one time. But the data on a business applications table are highly dynamic and keep changing over time. Hence, it is imperative to keep the data complete, accurate, and current. Data certification is a platform feature that helps you to keep the data up-to-date.

The Application Portfolio Management with Data Certification (com.snc.apm_dc) plugin for data certification also installs the APM plugin and requires no separate subscription.

Two preconfigured certification schedules are available for the system administrator to schedule data certification tasks. One is Business Application Certification On Demand to schedule as and when required, and the other is Business Application Certification Quarterly for every quarter. Use either of the schedules as per the specified time interval or on demand. The certification schedule generates a set of certification tasks based on set conditions.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio Management > Administration > Certification Schedules.
  2. Click New to create a new record of certification schedule.

    You can also click the preconfigured certification schedules to review the record and update the details, if necessary.

    Table 1. Certification Schedule form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the certification schedule.
    Filter Select a filter for the table data.

    The table consisting the data that is to be certified. Defaults to cmdb_ci_business_application table.

    Note: Data certification can be applied only on one table at a time. Create another table if you require data certification on that table.
    Display fields

    Select the fields to be displayed from the business application.

    Note: Display fields cannot be the same as Certification fields. They are mutually exclusive.
    Certification fields Select fields to be displayed that require individual field certification. Specify the fields that you want to be certified.
    Assignment type

    Select a user reference field from the target table.

    • User field: Select and assign a specific field in the Business application table in the Assign to field.
    • Specific User: Select and assign a specific user in the User field.
    • Group Field: Assign the certification schedule to a group in the Assign to group field.
    • Specific Group: Select and assign the certification schedule to a group in the Group field.
    Assign to Owner of the application who is responsible for certifying the data of the business application.
    User Select a user to whom all the unassigned tasks will be assigned to.
    Assign to group Select a group from the business application table.
    Group Select a group from the choice list.
    Assign to empty
    Select a value from the choice list:
    • Do Not Create Task: Certification task is not created for these records.
    • Create Unassigned Task: Certification task is created but is unassigned.
    • Create Assigned Task: Certification task is created and assigned to the specific user or group.
    Note: The field is available only when you select the Assignment type as User Field or Group Field.
    Days to complete Enter the number of days by which you require the certification to be completed.
    Active Enable the check box to make the record active.
    Run Frequency with which the certification task is performed: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodically, Once, On Demand.
    Last run date Defaults to the prior date when the certification was run. The field cannot be edited if the certification schedule is a new record.
    Task description Brief description of the certification task.
    Instructions Detailed instruction to the application owner about the task.
    Certification Instances
    Number Number of the certification instance.
    Certification Schedule Defines the information that requires certification and the frequency of execution. Defaults to the certification schedule that you selected.
    State Status of the certification: Work in Progress or Complete.
    Created Created date of the certification instance.
    Complete by The date on which the certification task is to be completed. Days to complete is added to the Created date.
    Percent complete For each field (out of the total number of certification fields) that the application owner certifies the percent is calculated. The system administrator can track the progress of the data certification task.
    Short description Brief description of the certification instance.
    Certification Tasks
    Number Number assigned to the certification task.
    Assigned to Owner of the application to whom the task is assigned and who is authorized to certify the data.
    Assignment group Task can also be assigned to users of a group.
    Escalation Defaults to Normal.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Click Update to save the changes or Execute Now to execute the schedule.

    When you click Execute Now, a certification instance is created and as a system administrator you can view it in the Certification Instances related list. You can also track the certification instance and the percentage of its completion.

    Related certification tasks (to verify and certify the data of a business application record) are created in the Certification Tasks related list and is assigned to the application owner. As a system administrator you can also track the data certification progress assigned to the application owner.

What to do next

You can review the certification tasks and update them if necessary.