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Assess business capability

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Assess business capability

Assess the business capabilities within the indicator framework and based on the score you can make strategic decisions on the business applications that support the business capability.

About this task

Each business application and business capability have a unique identity as a configuration item (CI). Such a distinction helps to establish a relationship between these independent configuration items. The CI relationship helps to establish a parent-child relationship between business capability and business application, and business application and business capability.

The configuration items must be associated to a set of indicators to generate a weighted score for evaluation. Preconfigured indicators such as people, process, and technology are used to assess business capability.

Figure 1. Business capability scoring framework
Business capability scoring framework

The indicator scoring framework also supports scoring of business capability in addition to business application. Within this framework the preconfigured indicators including people, process, and technology, as well as the indicators that you have created, are evaluated to give the indicator scores. For business applications you can create multiple scoring profiles. Each scoring profile can contain multiple indicators. But for capabilities you can create only one scoring profile and not multiple scoring profiles.


  1. Create CI relationships or edit the existing relationships using CI relationships in the CMDB.
  2. Relate business capabilities and business applications using the following pre-determined CI relationship types:
    Table 1. Relationship types
    Parent Type Child
    Business Capability Provided By::Provides Business Application
    Business Application Provides::Provided by Business Capability
    Note: Both the business capability and the business application are configuration item entities.

    The parent column of the capabilities table is used to create the capability hierarchy.

What to do next

Create a business capability and relate the capability to a business application using the CI relationship editor.