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Create a business unit strategy

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Create a business unit strategy

As business units are segments of an enterprise that are in charge of certain operations such as Finance, HR, IT, and so on, each of these business units can have a strategy that aligns with the enterprise or with another business unit.

Before you begin

Role required: user_admin, business_planner


  1. Navigate to Business Planner > Business Unit Strategy.

    You can also navigate to Organization > Business Unit Strategy.

  2. Click New or open a record.
  3. Fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Business Unit Strategy form
    Field Description
    Title A short title describing the enterprise strategy.
    Number System assigned enterprise number.
    Assigned To Person to whom the enterprise strategy is assigned to.
    From Date Date from which the enterprise strategy is valid.
    To Date Date until which the enterprise strategy remains valid.
    Business Unit The business unit for which the strategy is being created.
    Strategy Strategic objectives of the organization that the business unit strategy complies to.
    Type Select a type of organization strategy that this strategy aligns to.
    Active Enable the check box to make the enterprise strategy active.
    Description Short description about the enterprise strategy.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

View the strategic objectives that you have created in the business planning portal. The records of business planning strategic objectives give you a clear visibility as to their status, to whom they are assigned to, the period of validity, and their type.