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Business Planning Portal

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Business Planning Portal

A business plan consists of a business goal and a plan to achieve that goal. Business planning involves various entities of a business such as goals, business units, business capabilities, capability map, enterprise strategies, and business unit strategies. As a business planner you can manage these entities from the business planning portal.

To access the business planning portal, the Business Planner (com.snc.apm.business_planner) plugin must be activated. This plugin is installed only when any one of the other ITBM plugins is already installed.

To access all the entities related to business planning, goals, business units, enterprise strategy, business unit strategy, capabilities, and capability map have been consolidated in the Business Planner module.

Business planning portal for the business planner

A business planner with the business_planner role can do various tasks from the business planning portal such as to view, create, and update the business entities to achieve the business goals. In addition, the Business Planner can view the Capability Map.

Note: The role of a business planner involves only planning and managing the entities to achieve the business goal and does not deal with the business applications or technologies that support the business.
Figure 1. Business planning portal
Business planning home page for a business planner

The business planning portal helps the business planner to view and create goals, business unit, capabilities, and strategies.

No. of capabilities
Displays the number of capabilities that have been created. Click to view the list of capabilities defined for the business enterprise. Create a business capability if the existing capabilities do not conform to your business plan.

If you have installed APM, then the Map link is available. Click Map to launch the capability map.

Displays the number of objectives that have been created. Click to view the list of strategic objectives that align with your business plans. Click to create a business unit strategy or an enterprise strategy to fulfil a new business plan. You can also assign strategies to a goal.
  • Enterprise strategy is at a higher level and business unit strategies can be assigned at its child level.
  • Business unit strategy is at a lower level and an enterprise strategy or a business unit strategy can be assigned as a parent strategy.
Business Units
A business unit is a segment of an enterprise that represents a specific business function. View the existing number of business units in your organization. Click to create a business unit to define its functions.
No. of goals
View the number of goals created to achieve a business plan. You can relate goals to many enterprise and business unit strategies. Similarly, more than one enterprise and business unit strategies can be related to more than one goal. Click a goal from the list to update its status and assign a task to it. You can also create a goal.
Recent Activity
View the recent goals, strategic objectives, and business units that you had created.