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Management of business capability

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Management of business capability

Business capability is the ability of an organization to do its business activity successfully and fulfill its business goals. Use the business capability mapping to establish a CI relationship between the business capability and the business applications. Establish a similar relationship between business capabilities and the application technologies to ascertain the risks involved in using them.

As business organizations grow, it is imperative for an enterprise architect to constantly assess the business capabilities to know how to strengthen the business processes. Business capabilities are the abilities required to support a business process. They are assessed by indicators to provide indicator scores.

The indicator framework is enhanced to support assessment of business capabilities in addition to supporting business applications. Capture business capability as a CI type for which the score is generated.

Use the following capability assessments set of application menus to configure assessment. Access the scores for business capability, in a similar manner that you access and assess the scores of business applications:

  • Create and assess CI Score for a fiscal period: Application Portfolio Management > Capability Ratings > Capability Scores.
  • Create and update indicator scores: Application Portfolio Management > Capability Ratings > Capability Indicator Scores.
  • Create a scoring profile and associate it with a business capability CI: Application Portfolio Management > Administration > Scoring Profiles.
  • Create an indicator and configure the data source: Application Portfolio Management > Administration > Capability Indicators.
  • Access business process capability map: Application Portfolio Management > Capability Ratings > Capability Map.