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Create multiple scrum tasks

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Create multiple scrum tasks

Multiple scrum tasks can be created together to save time.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_story_creator, scrum_admin


  1. Create multiple scrum tasks using one of these methods:
    From a story form
    1. Open the story record for which you want to create the scrum tasks.
    2. Click Add Scrum Tasks in the related links.
    From all stories or release backlog
    1. Select the story (or stories) in the list for which you want to create the scrum tasks.
    2. Right-click, and select Add Scrum Tasks.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, set the number of scrum tasks to create for each task type:
    • Analysis
    • Coding
    • Documentation
    • Testing
  3. Click OK.


A batch of tasks of selected types is created in Scrum Tasks related list in the selected story records.
Note: Scrum tasks created with this method are not yet complete and must be updated to become functional.

What to do next

Open each scrum task record with a short description of ToDo and define the task.