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Create a scrum task

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Create a scrum task

Tasks are the discreet pieces of work required to complete a story. A task might require between four and 12 hours to complete.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_story_creator, scrum_admin

About this task

Team members volunteer for tasks based on their skills and track the hours remaining daily. The time remaining is reflected in the sprint burn down chart. If the planned hours for a task exceed an agreed upon period, such as eight hours, the task can be split into additional tasks. A story is not completed until all its tasks are complete.


  1. From a story form, select the Scrum tasks related list and click New.
    Note: You can also generate multiple scrum tasks together to save time.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Scrum Task form fields
    Field Description
    Number A system generated number for the story.
    Story Displays the story associated with the scrum task.
    Priority The priority for the task.
    Planned hours The estimated number of hours to complete the task. A typical scrum task should take between four and 12 hours. If the task requires more than 12 hours, consider breaking it down into multiple tasks.
    Remaining hours The estimated number of hours remaining to complete the scrum task. The assigned group member updates this value as work is being done on the task.
    Actual hours After the task is complete, enter the number of hours the task actually took.
    Type The type of work involved.
    State Current state of the scrum task. The default for a new task is Draft.
    Assignment group The group to which the task belongs. This field is automatically populated from the Assignment group of story from which the task is created.
    Assigned to The user working on the scrum task. The default is the story owner.
    Blocked Check box to indicate that the scrum task is blocked for some reason. Clear the check box if there are no blocking issues.
    Short description A brief description of the scrum task.
    Description A detailed description of the scrum task.
    Work notes Notes to indicate progress on the scrum task or issues blocking it.