Product management

A scrum product is an arbitrary classification that represents an item under development. A product organizes themes, epics, and stories of similar functionality into a single context.

Stories represent the work required to build the product. The product owner is responsible for keeping the backlog organized and for selecting the stories for a particular release.
  • A scrum theme is the highest level of the story hierarchy. It describes a view of a tangible product (such as a trading application) or an abstract goal (such as performance tuning). A product owner breaks down a theme into one or more epics.
  • An epic groups the related user stories together or describes a block of requirements that have not yet been rationalized into stories.
  • A story is a brief statement of a product requirement or a business case. Typically, stories are expressed in plain language to help the reader understand what the software should accomplish. Product owners create stories. A scrum user then divides the stories into one or more scrum tasks.
  • Scrum tasks are the discrete pieces of work required to complete a story.