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Work a specific HR case

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Work a specific HR case

Each HR case has specific fields to enter or select information before completion.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.case_writer

The HR services requested from an employee determine how to work and close the HR case.

If your company uses fulfillment instructions or checklists, ensure that you follow the process included in the case.

Inquiry cases
For HR cases requesting information or clarification, you can communicate with the employee via email, chat, phone, or through the HR case.
Use the Comments section on an HR case form to communicate with the employee.
Enrollment / modification cases
Enrollment or modifications to enrollments are typically benefit cases. Employees attach enrollment forms from the Employee Service Center and appear on the HR case form.
Add or modify beneficiaries
To add or change the beneficiaries for an employee:
  1. Navigate to the HR case form for Beneficiaries Add/Modify.
  2. Click the Beneficiaries for Subject Person tab.
  3. Click New to create beneficiaries or on displayed beneficiaries to edit.
Employee Profile Update
Depending on the default properties your company has established, employees can update some profile information directly. The HR case is opened and automatically closed after the employee clicks Submit. Information like job title or manager can be configured so only an HR agent can update it.
Employee Relations
A disciplinary issue case requires you to select:
  • Disciplinary issue reason
  • Warning type
  • Warning date
Direct Deposit Setup
An HR Payroll case for direct deposit setup requires you to capture account information for the employee and the deposit type. Deposit type determines the amount or percentage of pay that should be deposited.
Request Relocation Assistance
Select a reason for the relocation.
Employment Verification Letter
The document type filters the list of documents that are available. For example, there can be different letters depending on the location of the employee.
  1. Select the letter from PDF Template.
  2. Change the State to Work in Progress or click Start Work.
  3. Click Preview Document to view the letter.
    1. If you click Generate, no signature is captured, but is ready to be sent out.
    2. If you click Cancel, you can then click Sign Document.
  4. Click Sign.
  5. Type or draw your signature.
  6. Click Accept.
  7. Click Send Email.
  8. Click Close Complete.
Tuition Reimbursement Request
The base system automatically creates a task for the Subject person to sign an education agreement. After the Subject person signs the agreement, the task is closed.
The base system also requires the manager of the Subject person to approve.
  1. Click the Reimbursement tab.
  2. Select the Reimbursement Status.
  3. Enter the Refund amount.
  4. Click Update or Save.
  5. Change the Reimbursement status to Paid.
  6. Change the State to Closed Complete.
Employee Travel Visa Request
  • The base system requires the manager of the Subject person to approve.
  • After the manager approves, the State is changed to Suspended. This state allows the required paper work to be completed and not affect any Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • The base system requires the Subject person to provide the required documentation.
  • The base system also requires the Subject person to accept completion of the case.