View HR case information

There are multiple ways to find a specific HR case.

  1. Navigate to HR Case Management > All HR Cases.
    • Assigned to me: All cases assigned to the logged-in user.
    • Open: All open cases.
    • Open - Unassigned: All open cases that have not been assigned.
    • Closed: All closed cases.
    • All: All cases regardless of state or HR Service.
    • Case SLAs: All cases with SLAs.
    You can also view cases by HR service.
    • Employee Relations Cases: All cases related to disciplinary issues.
    • HRIT Cases: All cases related to HR accounts, password reset, HR Portal support, and HR reports.
    • Payroll Cases: All cases related to direct deposit, payroll discrepancy, and request corporate credit card.
    • Total Rewards Cases: All cases related to medical, dental, retirement, beneficiaries, leave of absence, pharmacy, relocation, vision, and tuition reimbursement.
    • Workforce Administation Cases: All cases related to employment verification letters and general inquiries.
    • Lifecycle Events Cases: Cases related to Onboarding or Account Notification.
  2. Select the case to view.
  3. Buttons appear at the top.Case buttons in the menu bar of the HR case form
    • Follow: Track activity on the case or follow a record in Connect Chat to track activity as it happens. Refer to Follow a record in Connect.
    • Update: Save and update the record. Takes you back to the list form.
    • Close Complete: Close the case and change the state to Complete.
    • Close Incomplete: Close the case and change the state to Incomplete.
    • Preview Document: Click to preview a document for accuracy before generating and sending it.
    • Sign Document: For documents that require an HR signature, click to preview, sign, and save the document.
    • Send Email: Appears after signing and saving the signature for a document. Click to send the saved document to the contact email provided by the end user.
    • Suspend: Suspends an HR case when it is not closed or canceled. You can suspend the timing specified in the service level agreement (SLA) to perform additional research.
    • Cancel: Cancels the case.
    • Delete: Deletes the case and related SLAs. Deleted cases do not show in any case view.