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Manage HR Groups

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Manage HR Groups

HR Groups are a set of users with common job skills.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin

You can have multiple levels of groups. For example, HR is a group that contains all HR employees within your company. You can have subgroups under HR such as HR Benefits, Employee Relations, and more.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Manage Roles > Manage HR Groups.
  2. From the Groups list, click New or select an existing HR group. The Group form appears.
    Table 1. HR Groups
    Field Description
    Name Enter a name that describes the group.
    Manager Click the Lookup using list icon and select the person responsible for this group.
    Type Category for the group.
    Group email Enter the email address of the group.

    This email acts as a group notification that sends an email to every member of the group.

    Parent Click the Lookup using list icon and select the HR group that is above the current group.

    For example, the HR group is the parent of HR Benefits, HR Employee Relations, and more. A child group inherits the roles of the parent group. But, the members of the child group are not members of the parent group. If a case is assigned to the parent group and you click the Assigned to lookup icon, only the members in the parent group are available. The members of the child group are not available.

    Currently, there are two levels to groups, the Parent at the top (HR) and all the other groups as children.

    Vendors Vendors that the group is responsible for.
    Description A description of the group.
  3. Click Save and a series of tabs appear at the bottom of the form.
    Field Description
    Roles Click Edit and from the Edit Members form, move the roles from the Collection column to the Roles List column.
    Adding a role to a group means that all group members also have that role.
    Note: Roles associated with the parent group are automatically assigned.
    Group Members Click Edit to add users to the group.

    Click New to create a user and add it to the group.

    Groups Click New to create a new group.
    Note: Creating a group from here does not automatically create a child group under the group you have displayed.
    Skills Click New to create a new skill.
    Click Edit and the Edit Members form appears. Move skills from the Collection column to the Skills List. Click Save when done.
    Note: Skills associated with the parent group are automatically assigned.
    Activities This field only appears for the Lifecycle Events application.

    The HR Service Activities the group manages. The HR Service Activities are part of the Activity Set and together make up a Lifecycle Event. Only members of this group can update this HR Service Activity.

    Refer to Create or modify lifecycle events activities.
  4. Click Submit or Update.