Report a disciplinary Issue

You can report a disciplinary issue about an employee.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > HR Service Portal.
  2. Under Browse HR Service Catalog, select Employee Relations.
  3. Select Disciplinary Issue.
  4. Review the knowledge articles that appear if desired. Otherwise, continue with the remaining steps.
  5. Open the form and complete the required information.
    Field Description
    Select the name of the employee you wish to report You can scroll for a name or enter the first few letters of the first name of the employee.
    If the employee is not listed or known, provide employee name and description Enter the name of the employee if you cannot find it.
    Reasons for reporting employee Provide a general overview on why you are reporting this employee.
    Describe incidents or behavior that lead to reporting this employee Be specific and include dates, times, and locations.
  6. To attach a document, click Add attachments.
  7. Browse to the documentation on your computer and click or double-click the form you want to attach.
  8. Click Submit.


After submitting the completed form, the process to enroll you in the company medical benefit plan begins.