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Create or modify an HR assignment rule

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Create or modify an HR assignment rule

Assignment rules are used to assign the HR group when it is not assigned from the catalog item template. You can create HR assignment rules as needed.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Assignment Rules > HR Assignment Rules.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Assignment Rules form
    Field Description
    Name Descriptive name for the HR assignment rule.
    Execution Order Order in which the rule processes. Rules with lower-order numbers are processed first. If a rule is applied, the rules with a higher-order number are not processed.

    For example, an assignment rule with order 100 states to assign the case to a group with the specified skill.

    Assignment rule with order 200 states to assign the case to the group HR.

    If a group has the specified skill, then it is assigned. If not, then the second rule runs and assigns it to HR.

    Application Indicates core application scope the assignment rule applies to.
    Active Check box that specifies the rule is in use.
    Applies To
    Table Table with the records that the assignment rule applies to. Default is the HR Task [hr_task] table.
    Conditions Conditions in which the assignment rule applies.
    Assign To
    Applies To User to assign to the case when this rule is applied.
    Assign To Group to assign to the case when this rule is applied.
    Script Script to define advanced assignment rule functionality. Current.variable_pool set of variables is available.
    Note: Two example scripts are provided as a comment. You can modify either script or use the information as a starting point for your own script. Remove the examples when you are finished.
  4. Click Update.

What to do next

After creating the assignment rule, you can test it to verify that it works.