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Create or edit disciplinary warning types

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Create or edit disciplinary warning types

A disciplinary warning type is the method used to communicate or the action taken as a result of a disciplinary type.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.basic, or sn_hr_core.manager


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Managed Lists > Warning Types.
    The HR Disciplinary Warning Types list opens.
  2. Click New to create a disciplinary issue type record or on an existing record to edit.
  3. Complete the form. (The fields you see depend on how the form is configured and what fields are selected to display.)
    Table 1. HR Disciplinary Warning Type form
    Field Description
    Warning Warning type or action.
    Order Number set to indicate the order in which the issue appears in the HR Disciplinary Warning Types list.
    Value Issue value name, such as verbal or written.
  4. Click Save to stay on the HR Warning Type form or Submit to return to the HR Warning Types list.
  5. Click Update to return to the HR Warning Types list.