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View Lifecycle Events Execution Contexts

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View Lifecycle Events Execution Contexts

The Execution Contexts module displays all activity sets associated with all Lifecycle Events cases.

About this task

Lifecycle Events generate Activity Set Contexts (Execution Contexts) records. By default, these records display by State. To view all records for a case, sort by Related record.

Use the execution contexts to troubleshoot lifecycle events to gain visibility into the workflows.


  1. Navigate to Lifecycle Events > Administration > Execution Contexts.
  2. Select an existing activity configuration.
    Activity set The name of the activity set associated with a Lifecycle Events case. Activity sets are a group of activities. For example, Pre-boarding is an activity set that contains multiple activities that must be completed prior to the first day of a new employee.
    State The workflow execution status. Each activity set has a status depending on where in the workflow it resides.
    • Awaiting Trigger
    • Running Activities
    • Finished
    • Error
    Related record The Lifecycle Events case that the workflow instance is executing on.
    Workflow context The workflow context that contains the state and progress of the workflow. See Administering workflow contexts .
    You can also view all activity set context records for a case from the HR Lifecycle Events Case form. Under Related Links, select the Activity Set Execution link. Refer to HR Lifecycle Events Cases.