Attach a knowledge article to an HR case

You can add a knowledge article to an HR case to help process that record. For example, you can attach an article about the company dress code policy when an HR case is submitted that asks about wearing shorts to work.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_case_writer

About this task

When you open an active HR case record, a list of Knowledge results appears below the comments based on keywords in the text. There are two tabs of results based on the user criteria that is associated with the knowledge base.
  • My Results displays a list of articles you can access.
  • [employee name] Results displays a list of articles that the Opened for employee can access.

You can preview an article, and, if relevant, attach it to the case. You can also scroll to the Attached Knowledge related list to add or view knowledge articles related to that record.


  1. Navigate to HR Case Management > Case Management and open one of the modules, such as Assigned to me or Open.
  2. Open the HR case.
  3. Review the list of suggested knowledge articles, and:
    Preview the article Click Preview next to the article. After reviewing the article in the pop-up window, click Attach to HR Case if it is relevant, or click (X) to close the article.
    Attach the article without previewing it Click Attach next to the article.
    When you attach an article, its text is copied to Additional comments. After you save the case, it appears also in the Attached Knowledge related list.
  4. To attach a knowledge article in the Attached Knowledge related list, complete the following steps.
    1. In the Attached Knowledge related list, click Edit.
    2. (Optional) If necessary, change the knowledge base to search within.
    3. To search for articles based on content in the article, add a condition, for example, [Short description] [contains] [dress code], and click Run filter.
    4. Select the knowledge base number in the Collection list and click the right arrow to move it to the Attached Knowledge List.
      When you select an article number, its topic and short description appear below the list.
    5. Click Save.