Provide source credentials for First Advantage

You need to provide the source and SOAP credentials for the First Advantage service so that it can be accessed for integration.

Before you begin

Create a user account with the First Advantage service that has administrative privileges. You will need to provide:

  • Endpoint URL
  • Inbound user name and password
  • Outbound user name and password
  • Parent account
  • Account
  • Requestor email address

Role required: sn_hr_integrations.admin


  1. Navigate to HR Integrations > Sources.
  2. Click New or open a record.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form.
    Note: If you are using SOAP services with your integration, provide the credentials in the specified fields. If you are using REST services, provide the credentials when later configuring your HR web service.
    Table 1. HR Integrations Source form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the third-party system.
    Endpoint URL (SOAP only) Instance URL of the third-party system.
    Inbound Username (SOAP only) User name for inbound data pull.
    Inbound Password (SOAP only) Password for inbound user name.
    Active Check box to activate the HR integrations source. Only active HR integrations sources are available to use.
    Outbound Username (SOAP only) User name for outbound data push.
    Outbound Password (SOAP only) Password for outbound user name.
    Use session token (SOAP only) Check box to enable the use of session tokens.
  4. Click Save or Update.
  5. In the HR integrations source properties related list, you can turn on or off the following source properties.
    Property Description
    sn_hr_integrations.debug Enables the debug log to display responses from the third-party system. Turn on to troubleshoot and debug the integration on an as-needed basis.
    • Type: true or false
    • Default value: false
    • Location: Navigate to HR Integrations > Logs to view the development logs.
  6. In the HR Integrations Additional Inputs related list, provide the value for each key.
    • parent_account
    • account
    • requestor_email_address
  7. For each value, click Save.

What to do next

If you need to further configure the source credentials, see Configure source credentials for background check system. Otherwise, verify the integration.