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Create an HR knowledge article

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Create an HR knowledge article

As a knowledge contributor, you can create or modify an article within an HR knowledge base to share HR information across your organization.

Before you begin

Role required: none. User must have contributor access to the knowledge base.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Knowledge Management > Create New Article.
  2. Fill in the fields on the form.
    Table 1. Knowledge form
    Field Description
    Number This field is automatically set to a knowledge article number.
    Knowledge base Name of the knowledge base.
    Note: You can use an existing or create a new knowledge base. See Create a knowledge base for more information.
    Category Name of the knowledge category or subcategory.
    Note: You can use existing or create categories to organize the articles in the knowledge base. Click the Lookup icon to open the category picker, where you can select, add, and edit knowledge categories and subcategories.
    Valid to Date that the knowledge article expires.
    Short description Description of the knowledge article.
    Text Text of the knowledge article.
    Article type Type of knowledge article: HTML or Wiki.
    Workflow This field is automatically set to the publication state of the article, such as Draft, Published, or Retired.
    Source Task This field is automatically set to the task record that the article was created in response to, if applicable.
    Attachment link Check box for enabling the automatic download of attachments. If selected, attached files automatically download when the user opens the article.
    Note: Currently, this option is not supported on the Employee Service Center.
    Display attachments Check box for enabling the display of attachment. If selected, attached files are displayed and accessible to users at the bottom of the article.
    Note: This option is contingent upon adding one or more attachments to the article. To add or manage attachments, click the paperclip icon in the title bar.
  3. Click Save or Update to create or update the article.
  4. Click Publish to publish the article.
    Note: Any additional steps required to publish the knowledge article, such as approvals, depend on the publishing workflow for the knowledge base. See Knowledge workflows for more information.