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Request leave of absence

Request leave of absence

Request a leave of absence from the HR Service Portal.

About this task

There are two ways to request a leave:
  • Submit a request from the HR Service Portal.
  • Click a link in the HR Service Portal that takes you to Workday.

Make a request from the HR Catalog in the top banner area of the HR Service Portal page or under Benefits under Browse HR Service Catalog.


HR Service Portal request

  1. Select Request Leave of Absence.
  2. Open the form and complete the required information.
    Tab Description
    First Day Of Leave Select the day the leave of absence starts.
    Estimated Last Day Of Leave Select the day you believe your leave of absence ends.
    Leave Type Select Long Term Disability or Short Term Disability.
  3. Click Add attachments to upload related documents.
    The documents appear at the bottom of the form. You can view them by double-clicking the link, edit the title, or remove them if necessary.
  4. Click Submit.
    The case is created. You can see the case in My Open Cases on the HR Service Portal.

What to do next

If you did not attach the required documents, you can attach them to the HR request when you are ready. Open the HR request, and click the attachment icon to navigate to the document location and select them.