Add or modify an HR PDF document template

Create custom HR PDF document templates with your unique criteria. PDF document templates originate from Managed Documents and use field mapping to pre-fill information from tables to create reusable HR PDF documents.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.manager

About this task

With PDF document templates, you can take an existing document and reuse it with custom information from an HR case or any available table. For example, you can take a fillable PDF document from Managed Documents, and map fields to customize the document each time it is used.
Note: The document must be a fillable PDF to map the fields to a table.

Documents are uploaded and accessed from the Managed Documents application in the Documents [dms_document] table. Documents are required to be published as a document revision before it can be accessed.

The base system provides the Non-Disclosure Agreement document template as an example of a PDF document template.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Document Templates.
  2. Click New or on an existing PDF document template to edit it.
    When you select New, HR Document Templates list appears.
  3. Select PDF Document Template.
  4. Complete the form.
    Name Enter a name for your document template.
    Table Select the table associated with the type of template. The table determines the available fields that can be mapped.
    Note: Only tables that you have access to appear.
    Document type

    Select the document type the template applies to. Click New from HR Document Type to create a document type.

    A document type is required when you want a list of documents to appear in the HR case form. HR criteria works with this field to narrow the list of documents you want available for an HR case.

    See Document Types.

    Note: When creating a document type, the Value auto-populates from the name you enter (in lowercase and underscores).
    Document revision Select the document and revision the PDF document template is based on.

    Documents listed originate from Managed Documents.

    Note: User group and document owner determine what revisions are available to view or select.
    HR criteria Select the audience criteria for this document. For example, you can create a letter intended for only Canadian employees.

    The HR criteria narrows the number of users for the template.

    Mark Signatures Appears after saving or selecting an existing PDF template.

    Click to map where signatures are required in the template. A preview of the PDF document template appears to define a signature block.

    PDF Preview Appears after saving or selecting an existing PDF template.
    Click to view a preview of the template.
    Note: Using style tags for text alignment is not supported. Use spaces to align your text.
  5. Click Submit or Save to save your PDF document template.
    When you click Save and there are fields on the template that can be mapped, the Parse PDF link appears under Related Links. The AcroForm PDF determines which fields can be mapped and the table selected determines what information you can have populated in those fields.
  6. Click Parse PDF if it appears under Related Links to view the fields that can be mapped.
    The PDF Template Mappings list appears.
  7. Click Update.

What to do next

You can map the fields on the PDF template to pull information from the selected table.