HR Guided Setup homepage

The HR Guided Setup homepage displays a list of prerequisites for configuring HR applications on your ServiceNow instance. It also displays the overall percentage of completed activities.

Figure 1. HR Guided Setup homepage
Table 1. HR Guided Setup homepage UI components
No. UI Component Description
1 Completion indicator Displays the overall percentage of completed tasks.
2 Homepage control Opens the HR guided setup homepage.
3 Progress chain Represents each activity category with a node. The node can appear in any of the following formats to indicate your progress in the category:
  • : Not started
  • : In progress
  • : Skipped
  • : Complete
To view details for the category, click the corresponding node.
4 Navigator pane control Helps maximize or minimize the application navigator pane.
5 Get Started button Opens the category view page.
Note: If you return to the homepage after starting configuration tasks, the Continue button is displayed instead of the Get Started button.