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Installed with HR Migration

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Installed with HR Migration

Several types of components are installed with HR Migration.

Tables installed with HR Migration

HR Migration adds the following tables.

Table Description
Migration Pre Run


Table of migration pre runs.
HR Choice List Mapping


Table of HR choice list mappings.
Migration Column


Table of migration columns.
HR Entity Mapping


Table of HR entity mappings.
Migration Pre Result


Table of migration pre results.
HR Records Failed


Table of HR records failed.
Migration Result


Table of migration results.
Migration HR Roles


Table of migration HR roles.
Roles Migration Run


Table of roles migration run.
Migration Run


Table of migration runs.
Migration Table


Table of migration tables.

Roles installed with HR Migration

HR Migration adds the following roles.

Role title [name] Description Contains roles
HR migration administrator


Can access and configure the HR Migration application.
  • sn_hr_core.admin
  • hr_admin