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HR chat from lists and forms

HR chat from lists and forms

You can chat with employees about their HR services request from any HR list or form in HR Service Delivery.

Access chat from the Toggle Connect Sidebar from the Form Header on any HR form or list. A number appears on the Toggle Connect Sidebar icon to indicate that someone is trying to chat with you.

A chat initiated about a specific HR case is part of the case record. By default, the chat conversation saves to the Worknotes of the HR case. Work notes on an HR case are not visible to the employee. Changing chat to Comments make the chat visible to the employee on the HR case.

In the chat widow, click the icon next to the HR case number to access the details of the HR case.

Note: When an agent is not assigned to an HR case, some features are not available from the Employee Service Center. For example, the Ask a Question link to chat about an HR case cannot assign an agent. For information on automatically assigning an HR agent to a case, see Assignment and matching rules in HR and Create or modify an HR case template.

See Connect .