Lifecycle Events Roles

Lifecycle Events roles control access to features and capabilities in the Lifecycle Events module.

Currently, there are six Lifecycle Events roles:

  • Lifecycle Case Reader (sn_hr_le.case_reader):
    • Can read all life-cycle cases.
  • Lifecycle Case Writer (sn_hr_le.case_writer):
    • Inherits Lifecycle Case Reader role.
    • Can create and modify life-cycle cases.
  • Lifecycle Activity Reader (sn_hr_le.activity_reader):
    • Can read and access activity set definitions, activity definitions, and owner group definitions.
  • Lifecycle Activity Writer (sn_hr_le.activity_writer):
    • Inherits Lifecycle Activity Reader role and any roles it contains.
    • Can create and modify activities within its owner group.
    • Can create and modify activity sets within its owner group, but cannot activate them.
    • Can create and manage HR activity configurations to set up HR services, HR templates, SM templates, SYS templates, order guides, and record producers.
  • Lifecycle Activity Set Manager (sn_hr_le.activity_set_manager):
    • Inherits Lifecycle Activity Writer role and any roles it contains.
    • Can create, modify, and delete activities in any owner group.
    • Can create, modify, and delete activity sets and all attributes.
    • Can activate and trigger activity sets.
  • Lifecycle Admin (sn_hr_le.admin):
    • Inherits Lifecycle Activity Set Manager role and any roles it contains.
    • Inherits Lifecycle Case Writer role and any roles it contains.
    • Can grant Lifecycle Events scoped roles to any users.
    • Can create, modify, and delete Lifecycle Events owner groups.
    • Can add and remove users from Lifecycle Events owner groups.
    Note: Lifecycle Admin (sn_hr_le.admin) is part of HR Admin (sn_hr_core.admin) when the Human Resources Scoped App: Core (com.sn_hr_core) and Lifecycle Events (com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events) plugins are activated. To use the scoped admin features, you must remove the Lifecycle Admin role from the HR Admin role.