HR Document Templates

HR Document Templates are used to create and modify reuseable HR documents.

Use HR document templates for documents that can be customized with dates, names, and signatures like:
  • Employee verification letters
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Offer letters
  • Educational reimbursement agreements

You can personalize HR document templates by mapping fields or using variables from the available tables to place data in fields. You can also capture multiple e-signatures in a document that automatically generates once all signatures are captured.

There are two types of HR Document Templates, both create PDF files, but are created and maintained differently:
  • Document templates
  • PDF document templates

Document templates

Document templates are created within the HR application and use variables to pre-fill information from tables into the document. You create how the document looks by defining the header, footer, images, placement of footer, and the text within the template. The base system provides default document templates that you can use to model your documents:
  • Employee Verification Letter in Canada
  • Employee Verification Letter in USA
  • Offer Letter Template
  • Education Agreement

Before you begin generating documents, configure the templates with your company logo and text. Obtain the following items and information to create or configure the predefined HR document templates.

  • A page of your company letterhead.
  • Copies of your current company employment verification letter and offer letter templates, if available.
  • The logo image to use in your header. The header image can be a maximum of 50 px high. If your letterhead includes a logo and text, ensure that the logo image includes the text, because you can only configure the image (not text) in the header.
  • The logo image to use in your footer, if applicable. The logo image can be a maximum of 15 pixels high. You can configure both an image and text in the footer.
    Note: For best results, ensure that the image is optimized and a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file.

PDF document templates

PDF document templates originate from Managed Documents and use field mapping to pre-fill information from tables into the document. Before you customize a document:
  • The document must be a fillable PDF. See the Adobe home page and search for fillable PDF to learn how to create fillable PDF documents
  • The document must be uploaded and published.
The base system provides the default PDF document template as an example:
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (Sample)

Generating documents

Both the Document template and PDF document template generate PDF documents that can be reviewed or printed and can require multiple signatures.

Refer to HR document generation.