HR Dashboards & Reports

The HR Dashboards & Reports application provides the HR organization with visual representations of accountability, progress, performance metrics, monitor employee satisfaction, and status on HR cases in the scoped version of HR.

Depending on your HR job function, you can use any of the following tools to help you with day-to-day HR operations.
  • Dashboards, including the Overview, Case, and Manager Dashboard. Dashboards are a type of homepage containing reports and other widgets. You click a listed record or a segment in a report to see details.
  • HR reports, including reports that are available on the dashboards. Several HR reports are predefined for you, and you can create more reports.
  • Survey response charts and detail for the HR case satisfaction survey or other HR surveys that you create.
You can customize any dashboard that you can access to add or remove reports and other widgets. For example, an HR benefits administrator adds a report to the Overview dashboard that displays the status of HR cases in the Benefits service.
Add content Click, highlight topics, and move to sections of the page.
Change Layout Click the column layouts on the left.
Save the chart as an image file If a menu icon appears when you point your cursor to a chart, you can click the icon to export the chart to an image file.
The HR Dashboards & Reports provide:
  • Overview
  • Manager Dashboard
  • HR Case Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Satisfaction Survey Scorecard