HR cases for VIPs

Your organization can assign VIP status to users, such as the CEO and vice-presidents, to ensure that the resolution of their tasks is given high priority.

If your organization uses the VIP feature, set up the following to ensure that VIP HR cases are handled appropriately.
  • Navigate to Skills > Groups.
  • Add members or a group to HR VIP Watchlist. When an HR case is submitted, members of this group receive notification as the case progresses.
  • Review the HR service level agreement (SLA) for handling VIP cases. The duration is two hours. When the duration is reached, the SLA is breached and the members of the watchlist are notified.
  • Navigate to HR Administration > Properties.
  • Enter a case priority number in the Default case priority for VIP requestor field.
  • For VIP employees, check the VIP box on their HR profile.
    Note: Customize the HR profile form in the Form Designer to show the VIP check box.
You can identify VIP HR cases in the following ways:
  • HR Cases list: A VIP icon appears in the Opened for and/or Subject person fields. If the Opened for and/or Subject person fields do not appear, personalize the list.
  • HR Case form: The employee name in the Opened for and/or Subject person fields is red.
  • HR catalog items: When the form is submitted, a message appears at the top identifying the submitter as a VIP.