Checklists in HR cases and tasks

A feature of HR services is the ability to automatically add a checklist to an HR case or task. A checklist can serve as a reminder to the HR agent to ensure that the procedure is followed.

  1. An employee submits a direct deposit request through the HR Service Portal. An HR case is created with the request.
  2. A checklist appears on the HR case. Checklists can be added directly into the case or can be automatically added to a case from the associated HR service. For example, the checklist items are:
    • Verify that the employee has attached the correct direct deposit form.
    • Validate the direct deposit case information.
    • Send information to the payroll department, put case in progress.
    • Approve and close case when payroll completes setup.

Refer to Create or modify an HR service on adding a checklist automatically to an HR case.