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HR approvals

Approvals are an HR Service that requires a specified employee to approve the case or task before it can proceed. The base system uses workflows for approvals.

HR cases and tasks can require an approval from one or multiple people. Approvals can also have multiple approval steps and options.

Approvals can be associated with HR services or Lifecycle Event activities.

The base system provides examples of HR services that use approvals.
  • Employee Profile Update
  • Employee Travel Visa Request
  • Request Corporate Credit Card
  • Tuition Reimbursement Request
Note: Do not create HR services or Lifecycle Events that have concurrent or overlapping approvals.

HR services and approvals

There are multiple ways that approvals can be configured for HR services.

  • Using the base system there are example HR services that require approvals. The examples manually call approval workflows as a step in their own workflow.
  • You can specify the approvers by relation to the subject person or opened for person of the HR case.
  • They use specific approval options:
    • First response = When multiple approvers are listed, only the first response is required.
    • Rejection = Close the case upon rejection.
    Note: Workflow only manages approval records generated by the Approval User activity. After starting the workflow, newly added approvals do not affect the workflow context.
See Approval - User workflow activity .

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