Document Types

Document types limit the choices for allowable documents based on HR service. For organizations with large amounts of documents, document types help categorize and make finding the correct document easier.

For example, you can have multiple employee verification letters depending on if the employee is full-time, part time, or contingent. HR criteria on an HR service determines which letter to send.

When an HR case is created for an HR service, it checks:
  • HR case template for the HR service
  • The document type for the HR case template
  • HR criteria
Verifying this information allows the case to narrow the search for the correct letter or auto-populate the exact letter required.
Setting up document types
To use this feature:
  • Add a document type to your document templates.
  • Add the document type to an HR case template.
    • From the HR template classic UI, you can add a specific PDF template, but cannot specify a document type. Adding a specific PDF template automates populating the HR case form, but eliminates flexibility when you have multiple documents.
  • Add the HR case template to an HR service.
  • Add HR criteria to the HR service.
    • Using HR criteria provides flexibility in choosing or auto-populating a document for an HR service.
How it works
When an HR case is created from an HR service:document type flow chart
  • The HR case template looks for a document type to determine what Document template or PDF document template to a case. It tries to automatically place a document template on an HR case by:
    • Checking if there are documents associated with the document type.
    • If there is only one document associated with the document type and the HR criteria is empty, place that document on the HR case form.
    • If there is HR criteria on the document template, verify the Subject person on the HR case form matches the criteria. If yes, place the document template on the HR case form.
    • If there are multiple document templates for the document type, check for HR criteria. When a single document matches, populate the document template on the HR case form. When multiple documents match, do not populate, but list documents on the HR case form choice list.
    • When HR criteria is not available on any document templates, list documents on the HR case form choice list.
      Note: There is HR criteria on the HR service and HR document templates. On HR services, HR criteria narrows the allowable services for an employee. For example, you can provide 401 (k) services to US employees, but not to non-US employees. On HR document templates, HR criteria narrows what employees the document is for. For example, when you have employee verification letters for US employees and non-US employees, use HR criteria to determine the correct document.