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Manage HR cases by category in legacy HR

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Manage HR cases by category in legacy HR

You can use the Human Resources Overview dashboard to monitor and manage HR cases by category, in the non-scoped version of HR.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic

About this task

By default, the Overview dashboard displays the following reports.
  • HR Cases Opened in the Last 6 Months By Category: Evaluate the types of cases that are handled over time and ensure that there is enough skilled HR staff to manage the case load.
  • Active HR Cases by Category: See a pie chart of all open HR cases by category.
  • Active HR Case Breakdown by Category: Review the numbers of HR cases assigned to each HR agent by category so workload can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Active HR Cases Pivot Table by Category: Use another type of report to see HR agent by category.

You can customize any dashboard that you can access to add or remove reports and other widgets. For example, an HR benefits administrator may add a report to the Overview dashboard that displays the status of HR cases in the Benefits category.


  1. Navigate to HR • Case Management > Overview.
  2. Perform any of the following actions.
    See the information represented by a chart segment Hold your cursor over the segment to see a tooltip with the details.
    See the corresponding cases for a chart segment Click the chart segment. A list of the cases opens.
    Save the chart as an image file If a menu icon appears when you point your cursor to a chart, you can click the icon to export the chart to an image file.