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Field service process

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Field service process

The Field Service Management application streamlines the way that tasks are qualified and dispatched and how parts are sourced.

About this task

Additional automated features enable dispatchers to route and dispatch tasks quickly, using precise geolocation to create schedules. These features are explained where they occur in the following flow:


  1. Create qualification, dispatch, and assignment groups. These groups are sets of users or agents, filtered by location, who can perform specific field service tasks.
  2. Establish service level agreement (SLAs).
  3. Activate the Field Service Management Geolocation Demo Data plugin (com.snc.work_management_geolocation.demo).
    Geolocation allows dispatchers to track agents with greater accuracy. Only users with the admin role can activate this plugin.
  4. Create and qualify work orders. Qualifying a work order is the process of checking that work order information is complete so work order tasks can be assigned.
  5. Organize work into tasks that must be done to complete the work order.
  6. Source parts and dispatch work order tasks to agents based on criteria such as skills and location.
  7. Have agents execute the work order tasks assigned to them and track the task completion.
  8. Access and perform work order tasks from a mobile device.
    Agents can accept and reject tasks, track travel and work time, and access all the information they need about the work to perform and assets to pick up.