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Close a work order task as complete

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Close a work order task as complete

Only agents can close work order tasks assigned to them.

About this task

If the caller's problem was fixed or resolved, use the Close Complete option.


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Agent > Assigned to me.
  2. Open a work order task.
  3. Add information to the Work notes field. The notes should include a description of the work done and any other helpful information.
  4. (Optional) Enter a date and time earlier than the current date and time in the Actual Work End field.

    You cannot add a date and time later than the current date and time.

    If you do not enter a date and time, the ServiceNow system adds the current date and time automatically when you click Closed Complete.

  5. Click Close Complete.
    • The status of all unused parts automatically changes to In-Stock.
    • The state of the parent work order automatically changes to Closed - Complete if all work order tasks on the work order have a state of Closed - Complete or Canceled.