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Work order questionnaires

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Work order questionnaires

Create questionnaires and associate them with work orders and work order tasks.

As part of completing some work orders and tasks, field service agents fill out questionnaires or complete checklists. For example, an agent might need to complete a safety checklist before starting work on a task or fill out an inspection questionnaire before completing a work order.

The work order questionnaire feature enables users with the system administrator role to create questionnaire records and associate those records with work orders or work order tasks. Questionnaire records include some configuration information, such as the condition or event that triggers the questionnaire, as well as the list of questions included in the questionnaire. The Survey Designer tool is used to create the questionnaires.

When a work order or task has an associated questionnaire, the Questionnaires button appears at the top of the form. Clicking this button displays the Questionnaires page, where the agent can complete the questionnaire or checklist.

Enable the work order questionnaire feature by activating the Field Service - Questionnaire plugin (com.snc.wm_questionnaire). This plugin requires the following plugins:
  • Customer Service (com.sn_customerservice)
  • Customer Service Management Demo Data (com.snc.customerservice.demo)
  • Field Service Management (com.snc.work_management)

The Field Service - Questionnaire plugin adds the Questionnaire module to the Field Service menu (Field Service > Administration > Questionnaire).

Demo questionnaire

One demo questionnaire record, Inspection Questionnaire, is included with the Field Service - Questionnaire plugin. This questionnaire record has a trigger condition that adds a questionnaire to a work order task when the task state changes to Work in Progress.
Figure 1. Questionnaire form
This demo questionnaire works as follows:
  1. The dispatcher assigns a work order task to an agent.
  2. The agent accepts the task and clicks Start Work on the task form.
  3. The task state changes to Work in Progress and the Questionnaires button appears in the task form header.
  4. The agent clicks Questionnaires to display one or more available questionnaires for the task.
  5. The agent clicks Start on the desired questionnaire.
  6. The agent completes the questionnaire and clicks Submit Save
  7. The agent returns to the work order task, completes the work, and closes the task.
Note: Questionnaires are not editable after the associated work order or task is closed.

Troubleshooting the questionnaire feature

If a trigger condition is defined for the task state as Work in progress rather than when the task state changes to Work in progress, every update of the work order task creates a questionnaire.

When a task gets reassigned to another agent, the existing questionnaires do not get reassigned.

Configure the form layout and add the Assigned to field to ensure that a questionnaire does not get created without an assigned agent.