Create a request from a forwarded inbound email

Requests can be automatically created from the information in forwarded inbound emails as long the functionality has been enabled on the configuration screen of SM application. The emails are also to be sent to a mailbox defined by criteria in the appropriate inbound email action.

  1. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Inbound Actions.
  2. Select the inbound email action called Create [application name] Request (Forwarded).
    The forwarded inbound email action record opens and displays the default conditions that trigger the inbound email action.
    When an email is forwarded to the mail list defined by the criteria in Action, a request is created with the following information:
    • The Contact type is set to Email.
    • The email sender (if found) populates the opened_by and Caller fields for a newly created sm_order based item.
    • The email subject populates the Short description field.
    • The email body populates the Description field.
    • The email senders company (Sender->Company) populates the Company field.
    • The email senders location (Sender->Location) populates the Location field.
    • The entire email is copied into the Work notes field.
  3. You can use the email action as it is or modify it to meet the needs of your organization.