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Create a transfer order

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Create a transfer order

Create a transfer order that moves the necessary parts or assets to the correct stockroom or agent location.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_agent, wm_qualifier, wm_dispatcher, wm_admin, or qualifier combination role


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Work Order > All Work Orders.
  2. Open a work order.
  3. Open a work order task.
  4. In the Part Requirements related list, click a Number.
  5. Click Source Part.

    A new Transfer Order Line form appears. The system completes the Model field automatically with information from the part requirement. You can select a different model, but it must be a substitute for the requested model. If you click the reference lookup icon (Lookup icon) beside the Model field, only the selected model and any substitute models that are in stock are listed.

  6. Select a From stockroom.

    Only stockrooms that have the model specified are included in the list. If no stockrooms are listed, the part is considered out of stock.

  7. Select a To stockroom.
    • To deliver the items to an agent directly and skip the Received stage, select a personal stockroom as the destination. If no agent is assigned to the work order task, the transfer order line waits in the Received stage until an agent has been assigned.
    • To use a part without transferring it, select the same non-personal stockroom for both the source and destination stockroom. This action moves the transfer order directly to the Received stage and sets the asset state and substate to In stock - Pending transfer.
    Note: An error occurs if the same personal stockroom is selected for both the source and destination stockroom. In this case, the transfer order line automatically moves to the Delivered stage even if no agent is assigned to the work order task.
  8. Specify the Quantity requested.

    If the first stockroom you select does not contain sufficient quantity, then repeat steps 2-5 until the entire quantity required is ordered. As you order from stockrooms, the number in the Reserved quantity field is updated automatically. When the numbers in the Reserved quantity and Requested quantity fields on the Part Requirement form match, the system selects the Sourced check box. After one transfer order line is requested from the part requirement, you cannot change the part requirement.

  9. Select a Delivery method.
    Qualifiers, dispatchers, agents and users with combined roles can specify a delivery method for parts while a transfer order is in the Draft stage. The possible delivery options are:
    • Standard
    • Overnight
    • Courier
    • Agent Pickup
  10. Click Submit.