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Agent map symbols

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Agent map symbols

The agent map shows your location, the tasks assigned to you for the current day, tasks that have been accepted, and other tasks that have not yet been assigned.

Task icons are color coded and display automatic sequence numbers indicating the order in which the dispatcher has scheduled the tasks initially.

Table 1. Task icons
Icon Title Description
Person 2 Agent Your current location on the map.
Task blue Assigned Assigned tasks that have not yet been accepted.
Task green Accepted Tasks that have been accepted or tasks that are in progress.
Task red Unassigned Unassigned tasks that are awaiting dispatch. These tasks are available for an agent to accept to fill gaps in a schedule.
Multi task Multiple tasks Multiple tasks clustered by proximity. the ServiceNow system gathers tasks together by proximity into a cluster as you increase the altitude of the map view. Counters in the cluster icon indicate the number of tasks rolled up as the perspective changes.
Figure 1. Agent map
Agent map 1