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Agent assignment methods

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Agent assignment methods

Depending on your settings in the SM application configuration screen, you can assign agents manually or using auto-assignment.

If you have a limited number of agents for completing requests or you simply do not want to auto-assign agents, you can use manual assignment.

Auto-assignment enables you to define criteria by which agents can be automatically selected to satisfy requests entered in service management applications. Based on the needs of your organization, you can configure the criteria for agent auto-assignment in the following ways.

When auto-assignment is enabled and a task is qualified or marked as Ready for Work, the following actions occur:
  • Available agents are evaluated based on the criteria defined in the configuration.
  • An appropriate agent is automatically assigned to the task.
  • The task is moved to the Assigned state.

If the configuration is set up to consider more than one set of criteria, such as location and skills, the agents are evaluated based on the weighting property settings in addition to other criteria.

If the task cannot be auto-assigned, a user with the dispatcher role must adjust the values in the request or task form and then save the record.