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Auto assignment of a request and a task

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Auto assignment of a request and a task

Automatically assign a task to a dispatch group when the Requests are assigned using auto-assignment option is set in the SM application's configuration.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_qualifier, wm_initiator


  1. In any SM application, do one of the following:
    • Open a request in the Awaiting Qualification state or one that has been qualified automatically, and then open a task in the Draft state.
    • Open a task in the Ready for Work state.
  2. Select an Assignment group.
  3. If the Tasks are assigned via auto-assignment and Auto-selection of agents will consider location of agents configuration options are set, enter a location.

    Auto-dispatch will fail unless the task contains a valid location.

  4. If the Tasks are assigned via auto-assignment option is enabled, create a schedule for this task in the Planned section, or let the system determine the times. For instructions, see Creating Work Order Tasks.

    By default, ServiceNow enters the current date and time in the Window start field. If you do not create a schedule or a fixed window, ServiceNow uses the start value to look for an agent who has that time slot open.

  5. Click Qualified or Ready for Work.

    The view returns to the previous page, and a success message appears. The system assigns an agent to the task, enters the agent's assignment group in the task record, and moves the state to Assigned.

    If auto-assignment fails, the message indicates either that no agent was available or that the task did not specify a location. The system moves tasks that fail auto-assignment to the Remain in the Pending Dispatch state.

  6. To auto-assign a task that failed previously, enter any missing information or change the schedule, and save the record.